We hit GOLD!

Our new favorite spray paint is Montana Gold!
It’s a little bit pricier than other spray-paints, but we loved the rainbow of colors it is available in and it’s smooth application.
-It has a nice fine mist that allows for better control when spraying, which helps in avoiding drip marks.
-It coats evenly and only took 2 coats to full coverage.
-It dries quickly.
-A variety of nozzles are available for different applications.
We give it two thumbs up!


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Julie said...


Just to let you know that I linked you to my blog for an inspiration for a friend's quilt...you can find the exact link at http://cheapchicbyjulie.blogspot.com/2011/05/inspiration-for-bedroom-redo.html



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Anonymous said...

That was helpful. Thanks. Now I know why my spray paint job I did earlier today turned out awful. I need to start over - re-sand (a lot) and then smooth it, etc. :)

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